Latin Lawyer January/February 2017

Latin Lawyer January/February 2017

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1466-6316

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A decade ago, the global financial crisis ushered a seismic impact in the way general counsel think about their legal spend. In today’s cost-conscious world, law firms face regular pressure to lower fees. However, while law firms were willing to lower their prices in the immediate aftermath of the crisis, today they are more prepared to defend their value. The results of this year’s fee survey show that Latin American firms have largely preserved their value over the last decade. We explore project-based costing as a win-win solution for all involved.

In our first edition of 2017, we identify the trends to watch out for by taking a closer look at the partner promotion patterns in three of the region’s biggest legal markets. We also explore artificial intelligence – the hot topic that firms around the world are talking about. Two experts reveal the opportunities that law firms should be zoning in on right now.

Also in this edition, the lawyers that helped bring about Odebrecht’s bribery settlement discuss how enforcers in three countries came to reach the historical cross-border agreement, while an associate in Chile shares her experience of life inside a Santiago law firm.

In this magazine: 

  • 2017 Promotions: The firms adding new partners in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
  • Latin Lawyer Fees Survey: Is Project-Based Costing the answer?
  • Odebrecht: 
    • The $3.5billion Settlement
    • The bribery fact sheet
  • Artificial Intelligence: Making it work to your advantage
  • Associate Viewpoint: Andrea Díaz, Morales & Besa
  • Promoting Pro-Bono: Leire Larracoechea, The Vance Center
  • Latin Lawyer 7th Annual M&A Conference roundup: 
    • Argentina looks to neighbours to boost FDI
    • Ambiguity continues to shroud M&A asset liabilities in Brazil
  • Latin Lawyer 4th Annual Regional Project Finance Summit
    • Chile cuts prices but risks energy security, say panellists
    • Colombia’s 4G attracts big names despite flaws
  • Deal Digest
  • Community News

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