Latin Lawyer June 2016

Latin Lawyer June 2016

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1466-6316

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The gender pay gap in law firm partnerships may be firmly in the spotlight, but it’s proving very hard to close. Latin Lawyer’s women in law survey reveals there has been next to no improvement in the number of female partners in Latin American law firms. The lack of progress has prompted some scratching of heads, particularly given the endless discussion about women lawyers.

Changing mindsets takes time, which is why the conversation about women in law must continue. Fortunately, there are stories of progress across the region, from Brazil, which is famously ahead in terms of gender diversity, to Mexico, where the advancement of women in law has been far slower but the calls for change are growing louder.

When it comes to transformation, nowhere is advancing as quickly as Argentina, which returned to the international markets with a bang in May after the new administration struck a deal with holdout creditors, and we talk to the lawyers who put the historic sovereign bond deal together. President Macri wants to attract private investors to help rebuild the country, hence a new PPP law that we examine in detail in this issue.

While Brazil has a new interim president, it has a long way to go towards rebuilding its economy. The country’s bankruptcy law is being put to the test now more than ever, but will the legislation stand up to such heavy use and how is the restructuring boom shaping the legal market?

Finally, with the Panama Papers revelation still fresh in our minds, we find out how well-prepared firms are in the fight against cybercrime.

In this magazine: 

  • Women In Law: 
    • Approaches to gender diversity
    • Why is progress so slow?
    • The women speaking out
    • The view from the top
    • What is life like as the only female partner?
    • Inspiring women in law
  • Restructuring on the Up in Brazil: 
    • Can the law stand up to heavy use?
    • Law firms rise to the challenge
  • Prevention is Better than Cure: Are firms doing enough to fight cybercrime?
  • Rebuilding Argentina: The country’s new PPP law
  • The Great Return: Bringing Argentina back to market
  • Deal Digest
  • Community News

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