Latin Lawyer Q1 2020

Latin Lawyer Q1 2020

Pages: 52

ISBN: 1466-6316

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The recipient of our 2020 Law Firm Leader of the Year Award is a deserving winner. At the helm of front-running Chilean law firm Carey, Jaime Carey has steered a steady course, balancing new methods of law firm management with a respect for the measures that have worked so well for his firm over past decades. In this issue, we speak to Jaime about leading a law firm through times of both calm and crisis. Although this issue was written and put together before the severity of covid-19 came to light – and thus its contents do not focus on the pandemic – Jaime’s experience of leadership in testing times seems all the more pertinent now.

One area where Carey broke new ground in Chile was its early adoption of the practices and management protocols of leading international law firms. The international legal market in Latin America is a fiercely competitive one historically dominated by a few key players, many of which hail from Wall Street and have built Latin American practices off the back of their market-leading position in the US. But the market for international legal services in Latin America has evolved to become a broad and varied one, distinct for its multidisciplinary nature. Firms with roots in the UK have a sizeable presence alongside US-born competitors. We speak to partners from both to find out how they square up to each other in Latin America.

From Colombia’s Rappi to Brazil’s iFood, the tech industry has achieved remarkable growth in Latin America in recent years - but what is it like representing tech pioneers in M&A deals? Speakers at last year’s Latin Lawyer Live M&A conference consider the unique challenges.

Also in this issue, TozziniFreire Advogados’ Isadora Fingermann details the story behind Brazil’s 2019 anti-crime bill; and Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados partner José Balta breaks down how employers in Peru are adapting to new rules on sexual harassment in the workplace.

In this magazine: 

  • Law Firm Leader of the Year Award: Jaime Carey
  • Battle of the titans
  • The route to success in uncharted territory
  • Breaking the mould
  • One step forward, another one back
  • Peru gets tough on workplace sexual harassment

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