Latin Lawyer Q3 2019

Latin Lawyer Q3 2019

Pages: 77

ISBN: 1466-6316

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Employees are companies’ most important assets and law firms are no different. Talented associates form the backbone of successful firms and keeping them happy is an integral part of maintaining competitive advantage. In this issue we publish our 2019 Associate Salary and Satisfaction Survey, revealing what law firms are paying their associates and how happy their workforce really is.

Almost a year after President Jair Bolsonaro took office in Brazil, a new kind of economic policy is starting to take shape. The once state-driven economy is gradually shifting to a market driven by private participation – but it’s still too soon to tell whether Brazil will indeed become a better place for business.

Another country in the region where it’s out with the old, in with the new is Ecuador. The country has gone from terminating trade treaties under former president Rafael Correa, to potentially entering the market-friendly Pacific Alliance trade bloc under current leader Lenín Moreno. At a roundtable held by Latin Lawyer in Quito, we heard from a legal market poised to find new opportunities.

Lawyers can be many things – experts in their particular fields, upholders of justice and partners to their clients, to name a few – but not many can lay claim to a career as varied and atypical as Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa’s Fernando Aguirre. One of the winners of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Awards, he shares his story on these pages.

Also in this issue, we hear how Brazil’s infrastructure gap is fuelling the use of a new tax-exempt capital markets instrument.

In this magazine: 

  • Associate salary and satisfaction survey
    Salary survey: the results
    A balancing act
    Making it count
  • Liberal Brazil
  • Change on the horizon
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Grounded
  • Funding Brazil’s infrastructure gap

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