Latin Lawyer December 2016

Latin Lawyer December 2016

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1466-6316

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As we head into 2017, lawyers in Latin America still don’t know just what impact a Trump presidency in the US will have on the region. While opinions vary wildly on how much of Trump’s rhetoric will be made into policy, most would agree that the US stands to become more protectionist, which could carry especially strong ramifications for Mexico should NAFTA be overhauled. In this issue, US trade lawyers mull over the potential scenarios and consider how the entire region of Latin America could be affected, as well as finding some reasons to be positive.

While world leaders grapple with a populist retaliation against free trade, many law firm managing partners are more accustomed to protectionism on an individual level thanks to the deep-seated reluctance of partners to share their clients. By identifying their most important clients and centralising their account management, firms can stabilise their bottom line and even increase revenue, but are Latin American firms ready to make the cultural leap?

Law firms in Chile have more immediate challenges. The combination of an intense wave of legislative reform and the entrance of foreign law firms has prompted a flurry of lateral hires and law firm splits. At a roundtable in Santiago, we found out how Chilean law firms are rising to the challenge.

Also in this issue, we look back at the biggest law firm moves of 2016 and report on our recent Anti-Corruption and Investigations conference.

In this magazine: 

  • Trumped: Lawyers reflect on trade relations under the new US president
  • Client account management: Are the region’s firms ready for an institutional approach?
  • Stepping into the Ring: Competition heats up in Chile
  • Annual Review: The biggest hires of 2016
  • Associate Viewpoint: Daniel Loria, BMA - Barbosa, Müssnich, Aragão
  • Self-Reflection: Can Brazil’s advertising agencies make compliance top priority?
  • Latin Lawyer/GIR Anti-Corruption and Investigations Conference roundup: 
    • Self-reporting is “most difficult decision” for companies, agree panellists
    • Third parties the “biggest problem” in anti-corruption due diligence today
  • Deal Digest
  • Community News 

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